Our Trainings

200 Hour Tantra Vinyasa

This program will give you the tools and hands-on experience teaching and assisting group classes. You will also learn to teach meditation and pranayama in private and group settings. This program is for both new and experienced teachers who are ready to tap into their own inner power. We will break down poses into their component parts and categorize them for their energetic properties and their chakras.

30 Hour Energy Medicine Workshop

May 14-18, 2014 in Ogunquit, ME

Be on the cutting edge of a new yoga paradigm. Yoga is essentially an energetic practice, and in this 5 day training you will learn powerful tools to help your own practice and your students' achieve more while doing less. Join author Lauren Walker in this first EMYoga teacher training to learn how to teach this curriculum. Sounds True, the publisher for Energy Medicine Yoga calls this work 'groundbreaking.' Come and experience for yourself and gain skills that will set your teaching apart from any other offering out there. Learn techniques to help: the immune system, the endocrine system, helping the body to heal faster, increase your core strength in a dynamic way, change patterns and habits. Learn how to pattern and move energy in the context of a yoga class.

Water Options

20 Hour Aqua Yoga or 20 Hour SUP Yoga

Our trainings are designed to give teachers and experienced students the confidence to put together their own sequencing for a home practice. You will come out of our trainings ready to share your knowledge and spread the love of yoga.

  • Learn to sequence and teach a vinyasa yoga class
  • Learn how to sequence for a home practice
  • Learn the energetics of poses
  • Learn basic anatomy and physiology
  • Learn the proper breakdown, alignment, modifications, and sequencing of postures
  • Learn how to assist and evaluate bodies physically; and how to prevent injuries
  • Learn Pranayama breathing techniques to incorporate into your class
  • Trace Yoga's roots and compare/contrast Eastern and Western practices
  • Learn the lifestyles and ethics for yoga teachers
  • Learn effective presentation and communication skills needed to teach effectively